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August 2021

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“What Is A Chemical Pregnancy Loss?”

This scenario is all too common: your period is a few days late. A positive pregnancy test confirms that you are pregnant, but a in a matter of days or weeks, your period starts, and you no longer see two pink lines on a pregnancy test. What you’ve experienced is known as a chemical pregnancy loss.

A chemical pregnancy, also known as a biochemical pregnancy, is a very early pregnancy loss taking place within five weeks after implantation. Many women who have a chemical pregnancy (don’t even realize they’ve conceived, since often the only sign is a late period.

During a chemical pregnancy, the body produces enough of the reproductive hormone, hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), to initially result in a positive pregnancy test. However, at this early stage, the pregnancy cannot be detected on an ultrasound scan, and ultimately implantation will fail and serum hCG levels will decline.

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