I’m not ashamed any more

Growing up, I did not know anyone who had a mental health therapist. Sure, some situations called for the expertise of a therapist but it wasn’t brought up. My turning point was when I had a conversation with each of my younger siblings individually and, they said, “I can wait to talk with my therapist”. Initially, I was shocked! After years and years of priding myself on being the “strong one” and being a “problem solver” for all my siblings, I was shocked they had turned to someone else for help. One thing I am proud of is this generation x,y are slowly dispelling the stigma of having a therapist. In fact, having a therapist is “trending”. Talking with them made me realize I needed a therapist. Here I am dealing with a difficult time in my marriage, struggling with infertility, navigating a new job, struggling with issues of rejection and abandonment, emotional childhood neglect, anxiety, and depression. I needed a therapist in a major way.

Yes, I am in school to become a licensed mental health therapist but, I am a human being first.

Today, I am so glad I took the steps to seek a mental health professional and found out the process was easy. Thanks to my colleague @Pilar Tucker and her mental health professional’s support group meetings where I met @Dr. Charmaine Jackman. Dr. Jackman created the website @InnoPsych, an online directory to find mental health therapists of color. Upon completing my selection, I was contacted by my therapist and scheduled my initial consultation. I found out, my mental health visits where covered under my health insurance and only a co-pay was needed at the time of my appointment. Another great thing is I was able to select a therapist who is a woman, African American, and faith-based (Christian). All of her attributes were so important for me to capture. I am so glad I took the leap. Already having a therapist in place is proving helpful in navigating my recent misarrange and grief. Take it from me, having a therapist is Self Care.

If you or someone you know has a mental illness, there are ways to get help. Use these resources to find help for yourself, a friend, or a family member.


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