New Year, New IVF Cycle

To Every Queen,
Are you starting a new IVF cycle this January 2021? What a blessing! ! I pray that you will receive the desires of your heart and be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

As you prepare for your IVF cycle, please remember to:
*Ask Questions – Ask as many questions as come up in your mind. If not, it may be assumed that you understand the whole process and that you are in agreement with everything. Sis, it’s ok to have questions. Your reproductive endocrinologist or fertility specialist cannot be held accountable for what they don’t know, you want. Some of the women in our group Black Women and Infertility, have bought recorders, used their phones or had their spouse take notes for them in consultations…you don’t want to forget anything. I know that Covid has changed a lot in terms of access. Ask your reproductive endocrinologist if its ok to Facetime/Whatsapp your spouse during visits.

*Advocate for yourself – Sis, speak up for yourself. If there is something that you don’t like or aren’t comfortable with, let someone know. At the end of the day, you have the right to advocate for yourself and change your mind. It is helpful to have someone (friend or family member) that knows your heart and can help reinforce your fertility vision during consultations. If this person cannot be present during your visits, take time to brainstorm with them before your appointment and bring those notes with you.

*Be open minded – We don’t know everything, that is why we seek out specialist. Keep in mind that where your going, someone else has already been there. Ask around, join a group, poll friends and family. The bible says “There is wisdom in the counsel of many”. After you have taken in the information from your reproductive endocrinologist, be open to the fact that they are sharing with you the best medical plan possible.

*Be hopeful and Be gentle with yourself. – All of this can be a lot. Just like every week or every two weeks you check in with your fertility team, also check in with yourself. Carve time out to do nothing. Not fold clothes, Not run errands, Not respond to your friends texts or social media post. Just do nothing but breathe and pay attention to how your feeling. Maybe this is a good time to meditate or do some breathwork. Maybe, this is the time you meet with a therapist or counselor…Its all about you! You are doing the best you can and when the fullness of time has come, God will bring to pass.

Finally, Keep the Faith. Baby Miracles are happening everyday.
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