Merry Christmas!

Time To Reflect

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday for many reasons. One, my maiden name is Christmas. Yes, its true. Two, its hard to not be excited about family, food and gifts. I remember growing up and my mom providing the best Christmas, a girl could ever dream of. My siblings and I got everything we ever wanted and we appreciated it more because my mom was a single parent. Three, Christmas signals a New Year coming and a fresh start.

Christmas, is also a time to reflect on what’s working, what’s not working and what adjustments need to be made. I usually start my reflection time at the beginning of December. I use prayer, fasting, journaling, breathwork (to ground), meditation and mindfulness. I use these techniques to help me sit with myself and evaluate what is going on inside. I ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what was done in the flesh and what was done in the Spirit. I really go deep so that I can hear God voice and plan concerning my new year.

These techniques are so important now. The world is so noisy and there are so many distractions. As a society, we are definitely dealing with never seen before situations. This is why, this time of reflection is so vital. Take some time out this Christmas Holiday, love on your spouse/partner, love on your family, enjoy those gifts and take sometime to sit with yourself and set your intensions for the New Year.

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